Photographs of Bed Sores/Pressure Sores/Decubitus Ulcers

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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
This can be especially relevant in nursing home negligence cases involving bed sores/pressure sores/decubitus ulcers.  Graphic photographs of these wounds are powerful evidence, and nursing home defendants and their attorneys will factor such photographs into their evaluation of claims.
Nursing home residents who have developed bed sores may receive treatment at wound clinics.  As part of their treatment, some wound clinics take photographs of the condition although the existence of such photographs may not be mentioned in the medical records.  Our firm routinely sends specific requests for the production of photographs to wound clinics and have been able to uncover the existence of helpful evidence. 
Families should not assume that such photographs will be available through discovery in litigation.  If a family member has developed wounds/pressure sores/decubitus ulcers, it is advisable to take photographs of the condition and to be able to state the date and location of the photographs.

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