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I just read a disturbing article in the October 1, 2009 online edition of the Chicago Tribune entitled "Nursing Homes a Risky Business - Dozens of Mentally Ill Felons Are Housed in Facilities Tied to 2 Executives."  This article discusses the practice of nursing homes admitting mentally ill criminals (often in order to receive Medicaid reimbursement) who go on to harm other residents.  The incidents cited in the article include allegations of physical assault and rape.

As if families forced to put their loved ones into nursing homes didn't already have enough to worry about, they must now consider the possibility that dangerous, mentally ill fellow nursing home residents may harm their loved one.

Ultimately, a nursing home may be responsible for injuries caused by fellow nursing home residents as the nursing home must institute appropriate protocols and policies that protect the safety and welfare of their residents.

Please feel free to contact the attorneys at Dever & Feldstein, LLC at (888) 825-9119 for a free consultation if you believe that a family member or loved one has sustained serious injuries inflicted by a fellow nursing home resident. 

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